Introducing DNS Management Service for LK Domains

LankaHost is LK Domain Registry Accredited agent since 2009 and we have registered over 2,000 LK Domain so far.

Today, we would like to introduce our implementation for LK Domain DNS Management. LK Domain name server modification process is time-consuming process as it only happens during week days and your submission come before 4.P.M and again it will take several hours to complete.

We have deployed our DNS in 3 locations to maintain maximum redundancy.
1.       Singapore
2.       Dallas, USA
3.       Los Anagies, USA

With our DNS management service, you can modify your domain DNS (A,CNAME,MX,TXT) records anytime through our client portal and those changes will update in the DNS at the same time ( however stranded DNS propagation delay based on TTL still apply for any DNS) 

In order to manage your LK Domain DNS, Simply log-in to Client Area at and click on 'Domains' menu.

Then Select the domain you need to update and click on 'Manage Domain' 

From above screen, you can click on 'Manage DNS' link to enter the DNS Management Interface.

Then if DNS available for this domain, you should be able to see following screen.

You should be able to update A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV type DNS entries form DNS management interface.

Important Notice

Your domain should be pointed to our DNS Serves below in order to leverage the DNS hosting facility.

Our name servers are,

You can very your name servers by clicking 'Name Server Tab' in domain management interface.

If your domain is not pointed to above name servers, Select 'User Default Name Servers' and click on Change Name Servers button.

 Please note this will take several hours depend on the time you request the name server modification.

Once this updated, you should be able to use DNS hosting facility above without any issue.

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